Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Some questions, pt. 2

3. Romans 11 confuses me. Specifically, the words "all Israel" and "fullness."

4. The nature of the covenant made at Sinai is also something I wonder about. It certainly seems like a conditional covenant to me, with, in part, Canaan as the covenant blessing, exile as the curse. Of course, it's not that simple, and, in places, the covenant seems to be cut in terms of life and death, not just land or no land. Is this law covenant, which, though Piper doesn't seem to agree, seems to me to be very much conditional, an administration of the overarching construct of God's relationship to his chosen people known as the covenant of grace? If so, how can it be conditional if it deals with more than just Israel's inheritance of the Promised Land?


Aaron said...

I'd say its conditional as it runs through the physical descendants of Abraham, but unconditional as it runs through the spiritual sons of Abraham.

Owen said...

I can't answer the current question, but I can thank you for a very thoughtful and nicely written comment on my blog. I say that not simply because you agree with me, but because I can tell you thought through the issue. Nicely done--hope we run into each other this fall.

Paul Cable said...

As do I- I'll be the confused obviously new guy staring fretfully at my schedule.

Glenn said...

Hey Paul, good to find your blog finally! =) My wife sent it to me, so you can thank her.

The Future of Israel Re-Examined

This is the article that offers the position on Romans 11 that I find most favorable and consistent with Scripture. Enjoy reading it if you find the time.

I've enjoyed reading through your questions. Thanks for posting.

Paul Cable said...

Thanks for reading and for the link! I'll definitely check it out. I hope you and your family are all well!